Cellpower batteries for rehabilitation applications, the best healthcare battery!

Cellpower supplies a wide range of batteries to the rehabilitation and physical therapy sector. The medical rehabilitation industry uses various types of electrically powered tools. These tools can only function directly if they are powered by a suitable battery. Cellpower recognizes the importance of medical rehabilitation and therefore supplies batteries of the highest quality for each physical therapy solution. Batteries used in rehabilitation tools are highly vulnerable. External influences such as extreme weather or extremely frequent use of a given healthcare application place great strain on the battery. The reliability of electrically powered therefore depends on the quality of the battery. To meet these demands, Cellpower Batteries has developed a special line of batteries for rehabilitation applications. These maintenance-free batteries are shockproof and equipped with a robust case.

Cellpower, the most reliable battery brand for the rehabilitation market

Cellpower Batteries offers batteries of the highest quality for each electrically powered tool used in the medical rehabilitation sector. Examples of applications where Cellpower batteries are used our bath lifts, stair lifts and patient lifts. Cellpower also offers a series of batteries for extremely high duty cycle use, which is encountered in mobile medical vehicles such as mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

Typical battery series for rehabilitation use are: