Batteries for mobility

Cellpower’s product line includes a wide range of batteries capable of withstanding the high duty cycles required by mobility applications. These batteries are mainly used in mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, RVs, caravans and golf trolleys. The high degree of mobility demanded by these applications necessitates a high action radius. At the same time, the energy source must remain compact and easy to install. Cellpower offers the best battery for every individual application. The Cellpower CPC battery series begins at 12Volt 9Ah and ranges all the way up to 250Ah.

Extremely heavy duty cycle batteries for golf trolleys and scooters

Cellpower also offers batteries for extremely high duty cycle applications. The Cellpower CPX series has been specifically developed for extremely high duty cycles. The batteries in the Cellpower CPX battery series easily outperform other batteries in similar cases, achieving between 20% and 30% more cycles. This area series has been specially developed for mobile applications using the most modern technologies and materials.

Typical battery series for mobile use are: