Battery for maritime applications, maritime batteries

For shipping and maritime applications, Cellpower offers a broad range of maritime batteries. Cellpower batteries for maritime applications have been designed to withstand frequent charging and discharging (high duty cycle). Cellpower offers the CPC battery series for maritime purposes. The specifications of the batteries in this product series range from 12V 9Ah all the way up to 12V 250Ah. Cellpower is capable of supplying the perfect battery for any maritime application.

Cellpower AGM batteries for maritime use

Cellpower has the right battery for every situation, ranging from privately owned yachts to large cargo ships. For these ships Cellpower offers batteries with a wide range of different capacities. These batteries are also called auxiliary batteries, recreational batteries or accessory batteries. For large ships which require multiple batteries rated at high capacities, Cellpower offers 2V AGM battery solutions. The Cellpower 2 V AGM batteries are often tailor-made before they are installed as battery systems on cargo ships and other large vessels.

Typical battery series for maritime use are: