Battery for industrial application, industrial batteries

Cellpower Batteries offers a wide range of batteries for industrial applications. These batteries will not produce explosive gases during normal operation. Cellpower AGM batteries are completely maintenance free and are capable of resisting shock and vibration to a greater degree than open batteries. Cellpower Batteries offers several battery series for industrial applications. Cellpower’s product line includes battery series for standby, high duty cycle, high current, long life and high power draw situations. For emergency power (UPS/NO-BREAK) applications, Cellpower Batteries has developed batteries with a long operational lifespan which are also capable of handling high current loads.

Battery industry, Cellpower AGM batteries

Since its introduction in 2006, Cellpower Batteries has become a renowned battery brand in the battery industry. Cellpower constantly strives to deliver the highest quality battery for every conceivable application. Cellpower maintains a high quality standard, which allows us to supply the most reliable batteries in the market. This commitment to quality has made Cellpower Batteries a household brand for a wide selection of batteries in the battery industry.

Typical battery series for industrial use are: