Other Cellpower battery products

Other Cellpower battery products

Cellpower Battery Alert

For electric vehicles which are powered by a 12V or 24V battery, the Cellpower Battery Alert battery alarm has two programmable alerts. These can be set to alert you when the voltage of your battery drops below operational values. This phenomenon is also called battery undervoltage, and the Cellpower Battery Alert emits an acoustic signal when the preset voltage is reached.

Cellpower Battery Equalizer

When two 12V batteries are connected in series, a difference in voltage between the two batteries often develops over time. This can significantly reduce the operational lifetime of the battery. The solution for this problem is the Cellpower Battery Equalizer. This device equalizes the voltage of both batteries during the charging cycle.

Cellpower Galvanic Isolator

When boats and ships are docked in the harbor, they are often electrically connected to the shore. This means that the boats and ships in the harbor are also connected to one another via the on-shore grounding system. This connection can cause the metal components of your boat to corrode.