Cellpower international

Cellpower was founded in 2006 and has become a globally recognized brand specialized in AGM battery technology. After years of research and innovation Cellpower is able to provide a suitable AGM battery for various applications. Cellpower Batteries offers AGM batteries for multifunction (red series), stationary (green series) and cyclic (blue series) use. Cellpower competes worldwide as provider of complete solutions for industrial and mobile use.

Cellpower international organization is not bound

Cellpower is an international organization that is not tied to a specific country or continent. The advantage is that Cellpower can more easily adapt to the conditions and requirements of users in a given region. In doing so Cellpower always considers the impact of the products on the environment.

Cellpower battery products, accessories

Cellpower makes every effort to provide the widest possible range of products related to the AGM battery, the core product. Next to AGM batteries Cellpower also supplies DC-DC converters, battery packs, insulation guards, battery monitors and other battery-related products.