Cellpower reliable energy

Reliable, renewable energy solutions

Cellpower delivers reliable AGM batteries for storage of renewable energy. Additonally Cellpower offers battery accessories for the proper functioning of the AGM battery. The Cellpower Battery Guard and the Cellpower Battery Alert prevent too deep discharge of the AGM battery. The Cellpower Battery Separator ensures a proper distribution of the charging current over several AGM batteries. With a Cellpower battery monitor you can check the status of the AGM batteries. The voltage of two series-connected AGM batteries is equalized by the Cellpower Battery Equalizer.

Beyond batteries: battery packs and DC DC converters

Next to AGM batteries Cellpower offers NiCd battery packs for emergency lighting. Such a battery pack can withstand the high temperature of the lamp in an emergency lighting fixture. Choose a Cellpower DC DC converter for an adequate and constant direct current (DC). We recommend the use of isolated DC DC converters: Cellpower SMG - series.